When I carried you I had no idea you would be as perfect as you are now.

I had no idea you would give life a whole new meaning.

Time before you seems so incomplete.



I remember the first weeks of being a new mom. My emotions were a freakin roller-coaster. One minute I was so happy to have this handsome, little, precious bundle of joy in my life. The next minute, I was sobbing profusely at 3 a.m with that same bundle of joy in my arms because nights were so restless, breastfeeding was so painful and I felt like giving up.

Sometimes, I look at my body in the mirror and want to cry. I did everything “right” during pregnancy but I’m still left with countless stretch marks.

Motherhood is hard but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The way he trusts me to protect him and knows he is safe in my arms is priceless. I am his mother, he feels safe with me but I also feel safe with him. His love is pure, his smile, his laugh, and his happiness cannot be faked.

That’s what keeps me safe.

I know one day you are going to be smart, strong and independent ..

But for now, you are my little baby.

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