Co-sleeping is such a controversial topic in the parenting world. It works for some families, but for others, it’s a big no-no due to the risks that it brings. I actually think co-sleeping is a lot more common than some moms would like to admit.

Did you know that even sleeping in the same room as your baby is classified as co-sleeping? 


The major concern with co-sleeping that is on everyone’s mind and was on mine too before I had Nolan, is obviously safety, but it has never felt unsafe to me – it actually just feels very natural. To co-sleep the first couple months of Nolans life, we used the Dock A Tot. Which is one of my must-have items! (If you guys would like a review on the Dock A Tot let me know in the comments below). But lately, after his first feeding during the night, he refuses to go back to sleep in it. So we have transitioned to full on bed-sharing.




  • I love seeing Nolan and his dad bond at night before bed. (Sometimes he is the only one who can put him to sleep). Also, I believe family bonding establishes a very strong family foundation and I am so grateful that dad doesn’t mind sharing a bed with the little one.


  • For me personally, it is SO much easier for night time feedings. Call me lazy I know but I don’t have to get out bed to make a bottle or even walk to a crib. It also allows me to settle Nolan a lot quicker.
  • We also like to “dream feed” throughout the night. And this makes baby much happier than being placed back into his Dock A tot.

Happiness/ Comfort

  • As a new mother, I feel more at peace knowing that I’m close by if something was wrong.
  • I experience less anxiety when I have him in bed with me and I know he does too!
  • There is absolutely nothing sweeter than waking up to your baby! His smile, laugh and touch make my mornings each and every day. He sleeps longer now that we bed-share and I totally take advantage of it!


Again, co-sleeping and bed-sharing is something that works for our family and will work for some families but not for others. The most important thing is to research and be happy and confident in your own personal choices as a parent.


If I have learned anything as a new mom, it is that you do what works best for you and your family.

Am I the only one obsessed with baby feet?!






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  1. February 27, 2018 / 12:05 am

    Our babies slept with us until they were almost three months. Parental rights 😃

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