AHHH, this week was definitely a tough one. On monday morning, I woke up feeling a little under the weather and sure enough, that same day the coughing and sneezing had started. By the next day, Nolan had caught it and poor little guy spiked a fever that afternoon. It was his first cold so it was definitely tough not only on him but mama as well. You never want to see your little one sick.

Before rushing to the hospital to get OTC medicine, I like exploring with natural remedies for coughs, runny noses and congestion. Now, it is important to do your research before diffusing around infants and young children. I have been diffusing oils before my son was born and even used them in labor and delivery. I am definitely no expert and I am still learning/educating myself daily. I highly recommend this book to anyone starting with essential oils or like myself who’s used them for many many years, but just had a little one and needed some guidance.

Diffusing these two essential oil blends helped my little guy and me get back to our healthy selves in no-time.

Lavendar 1 (1)

When I diffuse essential oils around my son, I am always cautious and diffuse in a large open room. Essential oils are incredibly powerful. However, when used correctly they have so many wonderful benefits. If you’re in doubt about the safety of an essential oil, I recommend consulting a qualified aromatherapist or purchasing an essential oils book like this one.

What are your favorite essential oil blends?



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