Father’s Day is one week away! So to help you, I’ve put together a bunch of great Father’s Day gift ideas from Nordstrom that any man would love to receive. But if he doesn’t feel the same, the free shipping and returns from Nordstrom will let him easily pick out something else. You really can’t go wrong.

Jack Black Bundle: Stuck on ideas? gift sets like these often do the trick. If you have someone in your life who lifts weights a lot, plays sports or just has dry skin he NEEDS this ultra-rich, non-greasy hand lotion by Jack Black.

Nixon Watch: Every guy loves a nice watch and the fact that they can wear it daily and it will never go out of style you really can’t go wrong.

Duffle Bag: Durable luggage that he can use over and over is nice to have. Herschel makes luggage and this duffle is perfect for overnight trips or last minute packing if he isn’t packing a whole lot.

Running Shoes: Perfect pair of running shoes under $100.

Shoe Cleaner: This is a must-have kit and I definitely recommend this, especially if he has a huge shoe collection that needs tending to. 5/5 for me!

Dress Shirt: I love a casual button up that can be dressed up or down and just like us girls, men appreciate new clothing.

Swim Trunks: Most men need these for summer, making this a great gift!

Fitbit: Are all the rage these days and make for a great gift for the man in your life. Whether he is a fitness fanatic or a beginner these devices are so innovative and interactive they will have him moving in no time and have him excited about exercise.

Sunglasses: are another great gift. Nordstrom has a ton of great selections for eyewear. The bottom pair of ray-bans are one dads favorites and I love them too.

Grill Kit: There might not be anything special or “artisinal” about this, but if you can’t remember the last time he cleaned his grilling tools then it may be time to swap them out for something new. Also comes with any embroidered initial you want. How cool is that!!

Bose Products: Say the word ‘Bose’ around Benny and you instantly have his attention. Their products are amazing and if you own one then you know how great they are. Benny has these Bose Headphones and they are pretty awesome! Give your guy these and I’m sure he will love them!

Vans: Classic pair of comfy shoes. I have bought dad at least 3 pairs of these and I have a pair myself. Love how they go with almost everything.

Father’s Day is next Sunday, June 19th. Nordstrom has the best selection and the best customer service, not to mention, they will wrap your gift for you and they guarantee that you get it by Father’s Day!


What are your favorite Father’s Day traditions?


Ashly xx

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