This is the kind of thing that you don’t realize you need until you have one, and trust it’ll definitely change your life. This is a pretty great gift idea too. It’s simple and can be made in an hour or less. On top of all that, this diy bath tray was under $25!! They can retail up to $60 or more online. Lets get started.


  • 1” x 3” x 8’ piece (cut to the width of your tub)
  • 1” x 2” x 8’ piece (cut to the width of the wood, about 9″ each)
  • (6) 2 1/2″ stainless steel wood screws
  • sanding block or orbital sander
  • cordless drill
  • polcrylic wood finish or stain of choice


  • Cut your 1” x 3” x 8’ piece into three 30” pieces. My tub was 30 inches from one end to the other end. If you are unsure of what size you should cut, just go with a standard size of a tub and add a few inches for safety. Totally ok for the tray to hang over the side of the tub, you just don’t want it falling in!
  • Cut your 1” x 2” x 8’ piece into two 9” pieces.
  • Sand your pieces smooth.

  • Measure how wide the lip of your tub is on each side. This will tell you where you need to put the 9″ pieces on the bottom of your tray. I recommend putting the pieces five to seven inches in from the edge to make sure they don’t get in the way of the lip of your tub.
  • Once all of your planks are evenly spaced out, go ahead and screw your vertical pieces into place.
  • After they are screwed into place, give the planks a nice clear coat of finish to protect even further from any possible water damage. And that’s it! I love how easy this tray was to make that and its such a functional piece. Add a candle, fresh flowers, and a giant glass of wine and you’re good to go!

Can’t wait to show you guys more DIY’S!! They are honestly one of my favorite things to do.



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